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It is a comprehensive insulation and waterproofing system that curtail the cost of energy as well as excellent waterproofing solution, and finishing of roof.

This system contain Dubai Municipality approved spray applied polyurethane foam which acts as both insulation and waterproofing layer. We provide 25 years of guarantee for this system for any leakage.

This system is accepted by all major property developers, contractors and consultant in UAE. Combo roof system is a long term and reliable solution for roofs.

Combo roof system

Multilayer roofing system

Membrane is a mixture of bitumen and some polymers. There are two types of membrane.


Highly resistant to thermal aging and UV rasy, maintains shape and structural properties and high degree temperature.


Grood elengation, and flexibility even at low temperatures sBS Membrane has very good dimensional stability and high mechanical resistance. It can be applied on on substructure, wet areas, landscape and roof surfaces.


GPP lining is a hose relining method in which the in line used is a seamless glass fiber fabric hose.

GRP lining can be used to rehabilitate sewers with damage such as root penetration, deposits, socket offset, cracks and pipe fractures.


Pressurized injection is used exclusively for poured concrete foundations and structures. Pressurise Injection involves either epoxy or polyurethane resin and is used for the repair and water proofing of cracks, holes, or cavities in foundation walls. It is the very common repair method for poured concrete waterproofing and is the least costly method of repairing active leaks and preventive potential leaks.

We have technicians who possess considerable skill, experience and tenacity to perform injection work.


Epoxy floor coating is solvent free and is available in a glass or non-slip finish. It further reduces maintenance costs as it is easy to clean, hygiene, hard wearing, with excellent abrasion and impact resistance and mechanical strength.

This floor coating is specially made for car parks areas, to be used on prepared concrete floor.


Cement waterproofing is the application of a moisture barrier to cement walls or floors. Many of these moisture barriers are created as epoxy or latest mixes that will be applied as a basement of foundation sealant.

Walls and floor should be repaired before applying cementitious waterproofing.

Easiest waterproofing material, and readily available from supplies of masonry products. To gelling better bonding and more solid durable coating acrylic additive (a white milky liquid) to mix in with the cement product.


Foam Concrete also known as cellular light weight concrete is a cement based slurry with a minimum of 20% (per volume) foam entertained into plastic mortar.

Foam Concrete mixture may be poured or pumped into moulds, or directly into structural elements. The foam enables the sturry to flow freely due to the this tropic  behaviour of the foam bubbles, allowing it to be easily poured into the chosen foam.


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